Advantages of early puppy training

Advantages of early puppy training

Advantages of early puppy training classes

Getting a small four-footed friend is undoubtedly a joyful event for every owner. It's funny to watch how the puppy grows and develops. He explores the world around him just like a small child - sniffing, licks, and of course, tries everything with its teeth. And still leaves not so pleasant surprises in the most various places and it’s angry when you forbid something to it.

While the puppy is small - 1-2 months - it looks fun. But, when the puppy is 6 months old, at the same time he weighs 30 kg, goes to the toilet in the house and destroys the furniture, it's not funny anymore. Therefore, the earlier you start to train the puppy, the faster you will get rid of all the undesirable moments in the behavior of your four-legged friend.

Benefits of training

Basic training makes life easier for you and your pet.

Training of a puppy - an exciting game for your pet.

After completing the full course of training, your dog will become calm and confident. It will trust you, and you will trust it more too.

You can gently control the pet and suppress unwanted actions with the help of basic commands.

Daily obedience lessons will develop mutual trust and respect between you and the pet.

Training involves the necessary elements for a full life of the puppy: mental and physical load, providing the "work" for the puppy (for sending unnecessary energy to the right track), and most importantly - a joint pastime, so that the four-legged friend does not feel the lack of attention.

When teaching puppy obedience, a clear position is formed: The owner is the leader, who must be respected.

In order for the training to be successful, the development of the main commands should be carried out not only by our trainer, but also by the owner independently, preferably on a daily basis.

Principles of training

The principle of amplification

In the learning process, we try to establish the strong and mutual relationship between the master and dog.

Principle of communication

This principle is used to create a clear understanding between you and the pet - you will know how the dog behaves in different situations, and it will understand and execute your commands, justifying your expectations.

The principle of limitations and rules

Puppy training is based on teaching the dog the right behavior and attitude to the world and relatives, as well as understanding what can do and what’s forbidden.

Principle of warning

This principle helps prevent the forming of bad behaviors. Having passed the course of obedience, the pet will not jump at people, bark without reason, or destroy the property.

Training puppy for obedience is the best thing you can do to create a happy and harmonious relationship with your pet.