How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle

How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle

How to teach a dog to wear a muzzle

According to modern requirements, you can only walk a dog on a short leash or in the muzzle. Taking a dog on public transport is also possible only in muzzles. But how to teach a dog to wear this accessory? It’s easy to our trainers to make it possible.  

Dogs very quickly understand things and circumstances and react accordingly. Therefore, the dog should gradually accustom to the muzzle, so that the accessory doesn’t cause any stress in your pet.

When to start?

It would be perfect to begin to teach 5-6 months old puppy to muzzle. But this does not mean that with age training will be more difficult, especially since the methods of training puppies and adults are the same.

How to do it?

Our trainers have special training steps which you can see below.

Forming a positive association

First, we show the dog a muzzle before going to we go out with it. We don’t put it on the dog immediately. We just give the dog to sniff it. We repeat this algorithm every time that the dog has a clear relationship between walks, that it loves for sure, and the muzzle.

Using positive reinforcement of behavior

Putting a treats in the muzzle before each feeding will help to eliminate the fear of the dog in front of a new and unknown object.


We don’t put the muzzle immediately on the dog. Using a delicacy in the accessory, we build the dog’s thrust in its muzzle entirely. We praise the dog and in any case, we don’t tighten the muzzle as it can frighten it! At the beginning, the muzzle can be buttoned only in a short time until the dog gets used to it. We must be patient at this stage.


At the end, we fix a muzzle without using a treat as a bait. When the dog allows us to do it, our job is done. Then we just need to increase the time between putting treats in the muzzle.

Common owner mistakes

There are several common mistakes that almost all owners do.

If you already put a muzzle on a dog, and it tries to actively remove it, don’t indulge it. In the future, it will know that the manifestation of its discontent will be the reason for your action.

What to do: Distract the dog. Switch attention to the game and it will forget about the inconvenient accessory and stop fighting with it.

Do not use the muzzle during for the dog unpleasant or disturbing procedures - for example, vaccinations or clipping its claws.

What to do: Instead of a muzzle, use elastic bandages or a special narrow muzzle, which is different from the one that dog usually wears.