Top 5 Dog Groomers in Fort Worth

Grooming a dog is essential to saving overall costs at the Clinic. These are the places i would allow my dogs to be groomed, nails clipped and all the wonderful treatments they offer so our dog can put their best paw forward.

4th of July Reminders

July 4th is the number one day of the year when dogs run away. You may ask yourself why? It is because of fireworks. We love fireworks and they look amazing to us and we enjoy going out and watching them. However much we like them though that is not the same for our furry friend companions.

Top mistakes made when going for a walk

As many of us know dogs love to go on walks, but what we don't know is that when we pick up the leash and your dog getting super out of control excited, is not healthy. In fact, it creates anxiety in dogs. They will start to pick up on a schedule and anytime that schedule is off or changed they will become anxious.

The Right Dog Food

As a trainer i am asked all the time about what dog food i use, well i personally like Authority Grain Free dry dog food. I am not a sponsor for them nor am i saying to go buy their dog food. I use it because on it is rated at a 4 stars out of 5.

Treats for Training

BHA, this is an ingredient in so many dog treats and foods that it is just plain crazy. Now you might ask why is it so crazy for it to be in dog treats? This is because it is known to cause cancer in dogs and even in humans.