Trick Training

Trick Training really comes down to really only one thing, what are you trying to accomplish? Break it down into its most simplest form and work slowly to accomplish the desired trick. Using this method you can teach your dog anything.

BEST Command for any Dog

During Off-Leash Training there is a command that is taught called "Place". Now it may not seem like it but this is in my opinion the best command you can possibly teach any dog. The place command is where you teach the dog to get on and off of a training cot or dog bed.

Temperatures and how dogs handle them

It is that time of year again where we start putting on our coats and trying to keep warm. With the holidays just around the corner and all the shopping we will be doing, don't forget your best friend out side. Truth be told very little breeds can handle really cold temperatures.

Puppy Training Tips

So you just went out and got a new puppy, and now you are wondering how to raise him right. Well i know that people don't always see eye to eye when raising there children but fortunately there are still some things as parents we never want our kids to do. Like chewing up our furniture or peeing on the floor.