Don't Get Fooled!

So today i was told that some potential clients wanted to go with another trainer that specializes in what they wanted fixed. Now this was a sign to me that the other trainer lied to them and told them it was a specialty or they assume that there are different specialties when it comes to any of the basics. The things they wanted to fix was not a specialty.

Dogs Have Measurable IQs

 So I just read an article on how the University of Edinburgh is studying how dogs have measurable IQs. Now I have always been a firm believer that certain breeds have certain amount of IQ capability. Well this is what they were studying to see how dogs have different problem solving capabilities. 

Adding A Dog Or Puppy To Your Life

Most people do not think about this when they go get an new canine friend. There are many factors when getting a new friend for yourself or your family. There are a lot of breeds out there with a lot of different drives and temperaments. Also puppies are a lot of work.