Dog Trainer

I have a goal to prevent any more dogs from ending up in a shelter due to some bad behaviors. Many dogs who haven't been trained properly have been surrendered to their local shelter, simply because we don't know what else to do. You cant live with this dog destroying everything in site. Unfortunately, many good dogs are euthanized everyday simply because there is lack of space or they have been there too long. When a dog learns the right way to behave in the household, that lessens their chances of being surrendered to the animal shelter. One dog trained after another can decrease the chances of a dog being put down or re-homed because of the odds against him. This is the reason why i train, for the love of all dog's.

  • Animal Behavior College Certified
  • Professional member of APDT
  • Determination
  • Loyal
  • Honest
  • Over Achiever

My Skills

Obedience 100
Agility 100
Tricks 100
Protection 100
Behavior Modification 100