Free Evaluation if you come to Us or Over the Phone!!! We can also travel to you if you like its only $50.00. Our evaluation is the best way to meet the trainer, and company; it also allows us to assess the dogs temperament, personality, and see how well they work with new people. By doing this, we can assess and provide recommendations for the best training programs available. We will also discuss your goals and expectations of the programs. An evaluation is not always necessary as in puppies; however, it is recommended and needed for most dogs.

We are a Results based Dog Training company, not Lesson based. WE GET RESULTS. We have built our Programs to help our clients with there training needs to solve any problems and create a better life for you and your trained dog. 

Private Lesson Programs


Getting started early is very important! Our puppy class is an introduction to great obedience training. We cover various puppy issues, and this will make training much easier and faster as your dog starts to mature. Puppy classes are done in home. All the commands mentioned and training supplies included. This program is for dogs under 4 months of age.

  • Potty Training, Crate Training, Bitting, Chewing

  • On Average 3 In Home Private Lessons

  • Sit, Down, Leave It, Come When Called, and Leash Manners


Private training lessons are on average an hour long, and most will be done in home. Doing lessons in home provide a comfortable learning environment which allows your dog to accomplish more. Lessons also will be conducted at a park to challenge and increase focus in your dog. Going to chain stores (pet friendly) will also help increase confidence in dogs if a park is not suitable. This program is for dogs over 4 months of age.

  • Potty Training, Crate Training, Bitting, Chewing, Jumping, Barking, Digging, and Agression.

  • On Average 4 Private Lessons

  • Sit, Down, Come, Heel Position, and Loose Leash Walking with Auto-Sit


Want your dog to listen and come when called consistently? If off leash obedience is something you are looking for, we can help. During our off leash program we will cover all areas of training, like sit-stay, down-stay and heel with auto-sit. Lessons will be done in home or at parks. We make sure to explain how training works, so you and your dog are successful!

  • Program does include an E-Collar and Training Cot

  • On Average 5 Private Lessons

  • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Place, Come, Heel Position, and Off Leash Walking with Auto-Sit

Boarding Programs


If you don’t have the time we can board and train in our home for you. We understand that obedience training takes time, time may be something you do not have a lot of and with a busy schedule it’s not always easy to stop your day and train. Although your dog will be trained through our program, we will be giving you a private lesson after training so all your questions will be answered and you will know how to command your dog. This Program is a great place to start.

  • Sit, Down, Come, Heel Position, and Loose Leash Walking with Auto-sit

  • On Average 10 Days 

  • 1 Maintenance Lesson


This is a more advanced program with several benefits. Basic commands are a must and this program takes them a little further so that you and your dog can go in public and have no issues. You will be provided with a video at the end of training so that you can see what all was learned. Also we will be showing you how to keep up with all the commands after training when the dog is completed training. The other two lessons can be used for what ever else you like to learn!

  • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Place, Come, Heel Position, Off Leash Walking with Auto-Sit 

  • On Average 14 Days

  • 2 Private Lessons


This is an off leash program that provides double the time spent with the dog learning even more controlled and precise commands. They will be traveling with me so that they are comfortable in vehicles and controllable in most circumstance. This Program can be customized to your needs.

  • Off Leash Commands with added Distractions and Customizability

  • On Average 30 Days

  • Lifetime Private Lessons

Boarding - $40.00: a night Are you going out of town, or out for the day? We would like to board your dog while you are gone or away. We know how stressful it is to leave your furry friend, which is why we provide updates at your convenience. We provide supervision to all dogs when outside and exercising. We also pick up and drop off your pooch to provide 100% convenience for you.